Vile professor at Fresno State will face no discipline at all despite growing petition to fire her

With the president of Fresno State University hiding behind the First Amendment, the vile professor who attacked former first lady Barbara Bush following her death last week will not face discipline for her disgusting behavior.

Not only that, English professor Randa Jarrar can continue to enjoy what amounts to an extended vacation.

And this coming after disturbing footage surfaced of Jarrar criticizing the farmers who produce our food, while praising left-wing terrorists who hijacked planes in the 1960s and 1970s. She also advocated for throwing grenades into the homes of those she disagrees with.

Fresno President Joseph I. Castro said in a statement released on Tuesday that after a careful review of the facts, it was determined that Jarrar “did not violate any CSU or university policies.”

“Professor Jarrar’s conduct was insensitive, inappropriate and an embarrassment to the university,” Castro said in the release. “I know her comments have angered many in our community and impacted our students. Her comments, although disgraceful, are protected free speech under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

And there you have an excellent example of what’s wrong with advanced education in America today, and why these institutions of higher learning turn out radical, left-wing social justice warriors ill-equipped to face the realities of the world.

Jarrar called Mrs. Bush an “amazing racist” who “raised a war criminal” on the day she died.

“I’m happy the witch is dead,” she tweeted.

If Jarrar attacked Michelle Obama with the same voracity she went after Bush with, we’d see an entirely different reaction. But being a liberal professor with tenure, and a Muslim to boot, Jarrar can expect much of the media to fall in line.

Castro said that the foul woman “will remain on leave through the Spring semester, which she had previously requested before this incident.”

In effect, she’ll be rewarded with an extended vacation as an unhinged, militant left-week radical.

Meanwhile, a petition on, which calls for the “immediate termination” of Jarrar, has over 57,000 signatures.

Citing outrage, the petition says Jarrar should be fired “for racism and inflammatory comments.”

Tom Tillison


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