Financially strapped DNC thinks woke teens could be the answer to their money woes

“Can you imagine what a difference it would make if we got them all out to the polls?”

Maxine Waters crumbles on the spot, lame excuses for once ‘agreeing with Trump’ just don’t cut it

“That sentence you said …”

Judge Napolitano says ‘no question’ Democrats tried to frame President Trump

“It looks like it was commenced by his most virulent political enemies.”

Al Gore lectures DC media on oil companies, then hops in gas-powered Lincoln and splits

He knows they won’t hold him accountable.

Photos from Macron’s D.C. visit captivate, but no one saw Melania’s bold fashion statement coming

The hat, the shoes… oh my!!!!

Sen. Bob Corker nearly cries as he describes Pompeo’s nomination is moving forward

He’s really relieved.

Alfie Evans defies UK death sentence, breathes without life support. Parents continue fight for his life

Tom said on social media that doctors refused to give Alfie food, water, and oxygen for six hours.

Turns out, influential progressive group has some sexual harassment skeletons in its closet

“It was like incessant.”

‘We’re going to make them own her’: Hillary to become RNC’s weapon for midterm battle

“She’s a very powerful motivator.”

Elizabeth Warren sets her fundraising sights on Texas, goes all in to fight Ted Cruz

“I believe in Beto.”

Candace Owens explains lesson from Kanye uproar: ‘I’ve learned the Left wants their slaves back’


Trump shows French Pres. Macron how to handle rude reporter, his priceless reaction speaks volumes

Like a boss.