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Kanye posts ‘Dilbert guy’ and ‘white liberals’ lose their ever-loving minds. What just happened?

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Kanye West’s return to Twitter has not gone unnoticed as he has sparked reaction for his support of conservative Candace Owens and now turned heads by posting videos of the creator of Dilbert.

West triggered a myriad of reactions Monday as he shared parts of a video uploaded by the comic book character’s creator, Scott Adams. The artist shared a 22-minute monologue on Sunday about Trump, North Korea and “how Kanye showed the way to The Golden Age.”

Adams, an admirer of President Trump, declared in his video that West “knows history doesn’t repeat. He’s not a prisoner of the mind… Kanye, in seven words, unlocked a mental prison and is bringing you to the Golden Age.”

He also added that the rapper’s recent support for Owens “ripped a hole in reality,” referring to West’s simple tweet saying,  “I love the way Candace Owens thinks.” If the conservative commentator sparked a fire with her truth bombs about “oppression,” West further added gasoline to the mix as liberals attacked him for aligning himself with the “far-right” Owens.

West fired back at “the thought police” on the left, who “want to suppress freedom of thought,” but the rap icon, who met with Trump back in 2016, ignited another meltdown on Twitter with his tweets of different sections of Adams’ video nine times in a row.

West even offered his own commentary on the way.

West’s tweets sent Twitter users into a tailspin as they tried to wrap their social media minds around the new reality.

Frieda Powers


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