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Hillary changes things up after Comey’s book tour and people can’t believe what they are hearing

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Hillary Clinton’s blame-tour continued with yet another scapegoat in her growing list of reasons for why she lost the 2016 election.

Nearly two years after her stunning election loss to President Donald Trump, the failed Democratic presidential nominee still won’t accept responsibility for her defeat, adding another explanation to her “What Happened” narrative.

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“I felt so bad that people had to hide their support for me,” Clinton said during her appearance at PEN America’s World Voices Festival in New York City on Sunday where she delivered the Arthur Miller Freedom to Write Lecture.

Clinton’s speech in her first public appearance since fired FBI chief James Comey began his own book tour focused on her favorite topic: Trump, whom she compared to authoritarian leaders suppressing journalism in their countries.

Following her speech, Clinton was interviewed on stage by the author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, where she continued revisiting her election loss. The Nigerian feminist and writer asked Clinton at one point why her Twitter bio begins with the word “wife.”

The former secretary of state thinking the people of America “had to hide their support” for her was another example of Clinton’s remarkable lack of self-awareness. Reactions to her “delusional” remarks abounded on Twitter.

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