Jenna Jameson returns to Twitter with a ‘precious’ reason for break. Watch her handle the haters.

Outspoken conservative Jenna Jameson, a former adult film star who turned her life around through religion, briefly inspired fear among her fans this week when she seemingly disappeared from Twitter.

Her fans thought the worst, especially given that she usually expends a fair amount of time rightly cracking Democrats on social media over the head for their never-ending ignorance. But Jameson’s fans had no reason to worry.

In a tweet Friday, she explained the reason she briefly disappeared just happened to involve this extremely adorable little lady:

The “little turkey burger” seen above is Jameson’s third child, Batel Lu Bitton, who was born almost exactly 12 months ago.

And according to Jameson’s tweet, Batel just learned to walk!

Her fans were thrilled by the news, to say the least:

Not everybody responded with positivity. Some left-wing trolls blasted Jameson for her allegedly attention-seeking ways. One especially demented troll even accused her of being megalomaniacal.

Who talks to a proud mother like this? Liberals, apparently. But these foulmouthed liberals quickly learned why messing with “The Queen” never bodes well:

Had these fools actually known anything about Jameson, they would have known better than to try and pick on her. While others might sit down and take such abuse, she’s not the type and has never been.

She is, after all, the same woman who has continually and relentlessly destroyed liberal politicians, liberal media figures and liberal magazines whenever they’ve said or done patently dumb things.

When Playboy magazine disrespected women across the nation last year by featuring its first-ever transgender model, she said something.

When CNN disingenuously described the 2017 London Bridge terror attack as just a “van attack,” she said something:

And when left-wing commentator David Frum tried to use the attempted murder of Republicans at a congressional baseball practice in Virginia by a left-winger from Illinois to argue for gun control, she said something:

She always says something when stupid people run their mouths. Except for during the Sabbath, of course.

Maybe little Batel Lu Bitton will one day grow up to be just like her tough-as-nails conservative mother.

Vivek Saxena


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