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Trump reportedly questioned Gorsuch’s conservative backbone after surprise immigration ruling

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Conservatives cheered when President Donald Trump nominated Neil M. Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but the newly appointed Justice raised some eyebrows for his ruling over a recent immigration case.

Citing anonymous sources, The Washington Post reported that President Trump has voiced disappointment with Gorsuch.

According to the source, the president is concerned about Gorsuch being too liberal in some recent cases, which goes against the expected conservative stance from the jurist.

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“Associates said he was incensed that Gorsuch had voted against the administration on an immigration case and said it renewed his doubts that Gorsuch would be a reliable conservative,” the newspaper reported. “One top Trump adviser played down the comments as unhappiness with Gorsuch’s decision rather than with Gorsuch broadly.”

Gorsuch cast the deciding vote with liberal justices on Tuesday in favor of an immigrant threatened with deportation, ruling current law was too vague to qualify his two first-degree burglary convictions as crimes of violence, which would be cause for removal.

Trump took to Twitter after the decision, calling on Congress to pass legislation that closes loopholes in the law.


Naturally, the anti-Trump force are thrilled over a riff, real or imagined, between the president and Gorsuch, as seen in a suggestion the Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice might cast the deciding vote to send Trump to “prison for life.”

Not that the zealot shares with us exactly what crime Trump is guilty of that would justify the harsh sentence.


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough was quick to cheer a quote from National Review’s David French.

“Those who expressed surprise (or alarm) that Gorsuch rejected Trump’s position should get used to Gorsuch’s independence. Trump nominated a justice who will be only too happy to keep his administration in line,” French wrote.

Of course, many of those cheering a possible divide are the very people screaming from the rooftops when Gorsuch was nominated.

Other users offered a more sober, limited take on Justice Gorsuch’s recent decision.

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