David Hogg pretty smug about his next boycott until Kyle Kashuv drops some hellfire on his little ‘game’

Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg is set to announce yet another boycott target after the media sensation’s liberal-backed success in going after Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s advertisers.

“Going to announce another boycott this week… Stay tuned,” Hogg tweeted Monday, using a Hermit the Frog GIF to accentuate his message.

There’s no telling what may have irritated the now 18-year-old high school student this time, but the nation — or at least the liberal media — will be on pins and needles awaiting his decree.

Hogg, who called NRA members “child murderers,” is also plugging another student walkout this Friday, repeating another previous action as media attention begins to wane.

And fellow Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv is growing weary of his classmates showmanship.

Kashuv, the strong Second Amendment supporter the media has little interest in, didn’t hold back in reacting to Hogg’s latest attention-grabbing campaign, tweeting: “Is this a game now?”

But he was far from done.

“You’re acting like a fool,” Kashuv counseled his fellow classmate. “Boycotts aren’t a game.”

Taking a page out of the left’s playbook, Kashuv even employed ridicule to help bring Hogg around.

“David is revealing his secret superhero identity… BOYCOTT MAN,” he posted, before ragging on Hogg’s “secret powers” in another tweet.

As one social media user noted, Kashuv, who has met with President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, has likely done more to help make school safes that any of his media-backed liberal classmates.

“Kyle Kashuv has accomplished more for making schools safe in America than all of the screaming, marching, slogan spouting media hogs have done, or will ever do, put together. But, shh, don’t tell folks,” the tweet read.


Hogg is typically very outspoken on social media, weighing in on a whole range of topics other than the gun control agenda he fronts, but he doesn’t appear eager to go toe-to-toe with his peer, having ignored Kashuv’s taunts thus far.

Social media users didn’t hesitate to engage, here’s a sampling of the responses from Twitter:




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