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Smart girl! David Hogg meets his match in 16-year-old pro-Second Amendment teen

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Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting survivor David Hogg may have just met his ultimate match in a teen girl several years younger than him.

Following the tragic shooting in Parkland two months ago, Hogg and several other survivors transformed into hardcore gun control advocates, using every opportunity afforded to them by the media to demand that the Second Amendment essentially be gutted.

The teen gun control zealots likewise ruthlessly insulted anyone who dared to question their anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, including but not limited to the National Rifle Association and one of its spokespeople, Dana Loesch.

Because of his status as a teen survivor of a mass shooting, many people feared to criticize Hogg. But not Elizabeth Najjar, a 16-year-old high school student from Virginia who took to Facebook earlier this month to educate him with the truth:

“This is a society problem, this is a people problem,” she said. “People weren’t doing their jobs. I mean, the FBI was alerted about Cruz so many times, and nothing happened.”

Reports in March confirmed that the FBI had indeed failed to prevent the Florida mass shooting by ignoring complaints regarding the suspect, Nikolas Cruz.

“It’s so easy for a high school student to just go along with the liberal agenda. It is hard to be a student, who supports gun rights and a conservative student,” she continued.

She was right. Hogg has benefited from unremitting support from the liberal mainstream media, whereas those Stoneman Douglas survivors who support the Secondment Amendment have virtually been ignored. And this despite Hogg’s ignorance.

“As we’ve seen in the past month, since the Parkland shooting, you know, students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez have stepped up, and they’re claiming that they’re experts on the subject of guns and gun control, which we all know they’re not experts,” Najjar duly noted.

Nor are they thinking logically.

“We’re so lucky that we have those freedoms, and now people want to take them away?” she asked rhetorically.

Yes, they do.

“So how am I supposed to defend myself? How are other young women supposed to defend themselves? How are men supposed to protect their families?” she added.


Neither Hogg nor his peers have an answer for this because they’re not thinking rationally. The dogma they preach isn’t rooted in facts and reason but rather emotion.

Buoyed by a zealously anti-gun media, these kids have come to falsely believe that gutting the Second Amendment would put a permanent halt to mass shootings and magically turn America into a perfect little utopia.

But like Najjar noted near the end of her video, “Gun control is not going to solve the world’s problems.”

Smart girl. Much smarter than Hogg, in fact.

Vivek Saxena


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