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Bill Clinton ogles 2 hot girls with his fly unzipped in viral photo: ‘Did somebody say new interns?’

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Former president Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down again, getting ready to ogle pretty young girls in a viral photo.

In the comical photo posted on Twitter, Clinton is seen with his zipper undone as two hot blondes walk past him on what appears to be a college campus.

Bill Clinton ogles 2 hot girls with his fly unzipped in viral photo
(Twitter screenshot)

The lack of context for the viral photo makes it even more hilarious, since Bill looks dazed and confused, like he doesn’t know why he’s standing there on a sidewalk. It also does not appear that the former president is accompanied by any of his chaperones or security guards.

Bill Clinton’s lifelong affinity for pretty young thangs is well-documented.


Not surprisingly, the Twitter reaction was immediate, snarky, and funny.

One guy wrote: “I did not have an “unzipped fly relations…. ”

A lady quipped: “Hey Hillary Clinton, #WhatHappened? Bill’s Nurse/SS get lost? Thought they were suppose to keep an eye on him in public?”

Another Twitter user quipped:  “Did somebody say new interns?”

To his credit, Bill has kept a low profile since his wife, Hillary Clinton, lost the 2016 presidential election. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Hillary, who’s on Year 2 of her self-pitying “Blame-Everyone-Else” tour.

Hillary has been so whiny that even Democrats have begged her to go away. In response, Hillary complained that no one ever said that to a man.

“They never said that to any man who was not elected,” Clinton said. “I was really struck by how people said that to me. Mostly people in the press, for whatever reason [saying], ‘Go away, go away.’”

hillary clinton wheel of blame
(BizPac Review meme)

Many on social media noted that the reason why no one ever told “any man” who lost a presidential election to “get off the public stage and shut up” is because no man has ever whined about his election loss for almost two years. Hillary lost the election in 2016. It is now 2018 and she’s still talking about it.

Meanwhile, Republicans don’t want Hillary to go away. After all, she’s their secret weapon for winning the 2018 midterm elections. Hillary is a constant reminder of the Democratic Party’s epic $1 billion failed attempt to rig an election.

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