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Tucker gives Los Angeles plan to combat its rampant homeless problem the beatdown it deserves

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Tucker Carlson blasted the city of Los Angeles for its solution on how to deal with its rampant homeless population.

“The city of Los Angeles has one of the nation’s biggest and most visible homeless populations,” the Fox News host said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday.

“And now L.A. has a hit upon an idea of how to fix it. Build homeless shelters in people’s backyards,” Carlson continued.  “A half-million dollar pilot program will pay home owners to build shelters in their backyard but only if those guesthouses are occupied by the homeless. Not making this up. According to the L.A. Times, officials say they want to avoid “compromising the character of the region’s single-family neighborhoods.”

Author and political commentator Mark Steyn mocked the city’s attempt to “think outside the box.”

“It would certainly, I think, add a bit of color and vibrancy to the neighborhood,” Steyn replied to Carlson’s query about whether letting the homeless move in people’s backyards compromises the character of the neighborhood?

“These are apparently like little munchkin houses in the hipster neighborhood of, I think it’s Highland park, they are all done in bright colors. They’re like miniature houses,” Steyn said. “Then you move the homeless person in”

Steyn continued his mockery, calling the decision one that has “benefits.”

“I think it has certain public policy benefits. Los Angeles has notoriously choked traffic, and I think this would improve traffic flow because the homeless person would be able to squeegee your windshield while the car is parked in your garage . So traffic would flow more smoothly because he wouldn’t be held up at the intersection while he puts a gray streak of dirty water over the windshield. It has benefits,” he said.

“It’s also a talking point in the hipster neighborhoods. There’s obviously a bit of competition about it,” Steyn joked.  “I understand that Barbra Streisand has a beach house in Malibu. Just the other side of the kidney-shaped pool, she has moved in an MS-13 gang. And it’s actually, it makes for an amusing talking point at dinner parties.”

Steyn admitted the idea was, at least, different.

“I think this is actually showing how Los Angeles is able, even at this stage in California decline, to think outside the box,” Steyn said.

“The cardboard box, ” Carlson laughed.

California was rated as offering residents the lowest quality of life of any state according to a study last month. The rampant homeless problem has added to the challenges facing the state that has officially declared its sanctuary status.

A cleanup of one of California’s homeless camps along the Santa Ana River in Anaheim uncovered 404 tons of trash, over 13,000 hypodermic needles and more than 5,000 pounds of hazardous human waste.

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