Ingraham: Unelected hyperpartisan attorneys are undermining our election. Americans should worry

Fox News’ Laura Ingraham called out the band of “hyperpartisan attorneys” still loyal to former President Obama who are trying to undo the election and remove President Trump from office.

On Thursday’s “The Angle,” Ingraham detailed the moving parts in the ongoing investigation of Trump by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Was the raid on Trump’s personal attorney just a proxy move by Mueller in his fishing expedition?” the Fox News host began, referring to the raid this week by FBI agents on the office and home of the president’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

“We learned that the search focused on documents related to porn star Stormy Daniels and that potential crimes may include bank and wire fraud along with campaign finance violations,” Ingraham continued.  “Yesterday there were more leaks that investigators were scouring for information related to, and I kid you not, the Access Hollywood tapes. And a new report today in the New Yorker alleging possible payments to a Trump Tower doorman and others during the campaign.”

Russian collusion “seems to be a faint memory,” she added, noting why she thinks “the special counsel statute in my mind is unconstitutional.”

“Think about it this way. Mueller’s office resides within the executive branch. And that means if he wants to and if it’s politically appropriate for him to do so, as the head of the executive branch, the president should be able to fire him. But if Mueller did get fired by Trump for whatever reason, all hell would break loose,” she explained.

“Aren’t you tired of the pundit echo chamber? They just keep repeating themselves day after day. No original thought,” Ingraham said after playing video clips of liberal commmentary.

“Do you know what a constitutional crisis is, my friends? When an un-elected and largely unaccountable band of hyperpartisan attorneys loyal to the previous president and maybe even Hillary Clinton, they’re able to spend millions of your tax dollars in search of a crime merely to undo the results of a presidential election,” Ingraham concluded. “That’s the thing that should worry us, and that’s the angle.”

Frieda Powers


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