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Gregg Jarret: Things will end badly for Comey. Book is a work of fiction, fantasy AND he stole gov’t docs

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While liberals predictably salivate over James Comey’s memoir, those who actually read it have serious questions.

Fox News’ legal and political analyst, Gregg Jarrett, predicts the tell-all book will be the demise of the former FBI director, calling it a work of “fiction” and “fantasy.”

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Jarrett tweeted out about his progress in reading the book, “A Higher Loyalty,” which he declared was full of “self-adoration and puffery.”

Jarrett followed up with an update when he completed the “superficial” memoir.

“I can only conclude that Comey’s version of events is fantasy. It is fiction,” the former trial attorney tweeted. “Things will end badly for Comey.”

Retired FBI agent, James Gagliano, raised the question of whether Comey was authorized to even write his book since the FBI requires a review of any materials being considered for publication.

Gagliano, a 25-year veteran of the bureau and currently a law enforcement analyst on CNN, thinks Comey is “probably a decent person” but criticized the fired chief’s book tour promoting his memoir as “foolhardy & vainglorious.”

Judicial Watch took things to the next level and filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with the Justice Department to find if Comey got “special treatment” in writing his memoir.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton called out Comey’s “vendetta” against President Trump.

Set to kick off his book tour on Sunday, Comey continues shilling his memoir, making the rounds on liberal media to “cash in on his very public hatred for President Donald Trump,” as Fox News’ Sean Hannity said.

And the president himself fired a shot at Comey on Friday, calling for the “proven LEAKER & LIAR” to be prosecuted for leaking classified information and lying under oath.

The criticism continued to rain down on Twitter.

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