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Steve Bannon inserts himself in White House controversy, pitches plan on how to handle Mueller

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Steve Bannon may be out of the White House but that hasn’t stopped him from pitching a plan to the Trump administration on how to end the Russia probe.

The former White House chief strategist has reportedly proposed a way for President Trump to thwart the investigation headed by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to The Washington Post.

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Bannon, who was ousted from the White House in August, has shared the plan with senior White House aides and allies in Congress according to four sources cited by the Post.

The plan is for the White House to stop cooperating with Mueller and fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees the investigation which has been focused on finding evidence – unsuccessfully – of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Executive privilege “should be exerted immediately and retroactively,” Bannon told the Post, in the wake of Monday’s FBI raid on the offices and hotel room of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The president slammed the FBI and the Mueller probe as “a total witch hunt” in a tweet while declaring “Attorney–client privilege is dead!” in another.

When asked by reporters if he would consider firing Mueller, Trump responded, “We’ll see what happens.”

Bannon’s plan would create “a new legal battleground” for Trump to “protect himself from the investigation,” according to the Post.

Trump “wasn’t fully briefed by his lawyers on the implications” of not invoking executive privilege, Bannon said.

“It was a strategic mistake to turn over everything without due process, and executive privilege should be exerted immediately and retroactively,” he told The Washington Post.

The Post noted Bannon still has the ear of several White House staffers, but it’s unlikely President Trump will be taking advice directly from his former strategist.

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