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MSNBC host declares Paul Ryan worse than ‘pedophile’ & ‘slave-owning’ speakers in vitriolic tirade

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MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell smeared Paul Ryan in an unbelievabe hate-filled rant condemning the House Speaker as worse than previous office holders who were pedophiles and slave owners.

During Wednesday’s edition of “The Last Word,” O’Donnell slammed Paul who earlier in the day had announced he was not seeking re-election.

The MSNBC host credited the “big blue wave” of Democratic victory in midterm elections as the driving force behind the lawmaker’s decision to retire and mocked how “Donald Trump has destroyed Paul Ryan’s life.”

“And as Paul Ryan so clearly realizes, Donald Trump is on his way to destroying Republican control of the House of Representatives,” O’Donnell said. “The big blue wave is looking so big, so overwhelming to Paul Ryan that he has formally publically finally given up even pretending he might run for re-election to Wisconsin House seat.”

O’Donnell declared that the Wisconsin lawmaker “will take his seat as simply the worst of this country’s speakers of the House of Representatives” due to his “unrelenting cowardice” in not standing up to President Trump.

“But Paul Ryan looked into his political soul and found nothing. Nothing but weakness and subservience,” he continued, before noting that Ryan “is not even close to being the worst person who has been Speaker of the House.”

“Pedophile Dennis Hastert served eight years as the Republican speaker of the House, only to be revealed in his retirement to be a criminal. And before the Civil War, of course, we had slave owners as speakers of the House. But they were all more effective in their job as speaker than Paul Ryan,” O’Donnell spouted.

His nearly 10-minute tirade went on to besmirch Ryan’s character and credibility as a “policy wonk.”

“I never fell for the Washington media picture of Paul Ryan as a real policy wonk because I know that very few members of the House or the Senate actually qualify for that description on any subject,” he went on.

“So Paul Ryan leaves the speakership having accomplished nothing, absolutely nothing,” a bitter O’Donnell declared. “He has brought disgrace on the House of Representatives.”

At the end of his vilification of Ryan, with multiple insults against the lawmaker that were not aimed at policy criticisms but were simply personal attacks, O’Donnell concluded with one last jab at the speaker and the president.

“Donald Trump has never respected Paul Ryan and will never respect anyone in government,” O’Donnell said. “In Paul Ryan’s case, Donald Trump has given Paul Ryan exactly the amount of respect as speaker that Paul Ryan deserves, which is none.”

Frieda Powers


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