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Democrat gubernatorial candidate literally dragged off debate stage after being rejected by organizers

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Was there ever any doubt that she was a Democrat?

Lee Whitnum, a candidate for governor in Connecticut, was literally dragged out of a Democratic gubernatorial forum she wasn’t invited to.

“I am a declared Democratic candidate, I have a right to be here. My paper has been filed,” Whitnum said, according to News 12 Connecticut.

Police are seen on video approaching the candidate to escort her out, but she wasn’t budging.

“How dare you,” she said, presumably to event organizers off camera.

As the officers begin to physically move her off the stage, Whitnum suddenly drops to the floor, laying prostrate on her back.

Not to be deterred, the officers proceeded to drag her off, stage left.

Here’s a personal video of the incident from Twitter:

Whitnum was charged with breach of peace, News 12 reported, which noted this was not the first time she has run afoul of police, having been arrested several years ago for allegedly causing a disturbance at a library.

Not only were Democratic leaders not apologetic for snubbing Whitnum, they gave her a “proverbial” swift kick in the very derriere the candidate was dragged out on.

“We think it’s important to offer to the community the best information that we can bring you about the most likely, reasonable, viable candidates for the highest office in the state of Connecticut,” stated Laura Orban, chair of the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee. “That’s who we invited.”

Tom Tillison


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