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Sanders not alone in scorching April Ryan for most ‘ridiculous’ and ‘cowardly’ question of the year

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White House press secretary Sarah Sanders excoriated CNN contributor April Ryan for asking if President Trump has ever thought about stepping down amid the fruitless Robert Mueller investigation.

“No, and I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous question,” Sanders said at Monday’s WH press briefing, before moving on another (actual) reporter.

Ryan continued her unbroken streak of asking pinhead questions by posing this to Sanders: “Question: With all of this turmoil, particularly last week, has the president at any time thought about stepping down before or now?”

Trump supporters don’t understand why anyone thinks the president would even consider resigning when the Trump economy is booming, ISIS is being eradicated, and North Korea has vowed to denuclearize under pressure from Trump.

Besides, Robert Mueller’s investigation has still produced no evidence of collusion after a year-long, expensive, taxpayer-funded probe. Who gives up when their enemies are flailing?

April Ryan recently made headlines for not knowing the difference between net worth and annual income.


In November 2017, Ryan was widely mocked on social media for suggesting that Sarah Sanders — a Southern mom — did not bake her own pecan pie for Thanksgiving.

“Show it to us on a table,” Ryan demanded.  Bless her heart.

April Ryan accused Sarah Sanders of not baking her own pecan pie. Bless her heart. (screenshots)

Three weeks before that, Ryan was shut down by Sanders after implying the Trump administration supports slavery. You can’t make this stuff up.

After this latest question about Trump stepping down, Ryan was scorched on social media, with many saying she topped herself for dumbest question of the year.

One Trump supporter tweeted: “April Ryan asked the dumbest question of the year. It would take almost two years to hold House and Senate hearings for impeachment. Why would Donald Trump step down now? He’ll scorch the earth on his way out just like he did on the way in.”


Another Twitter user asked: “April Ryan, did you once ever asked Clinton with all her criminal investigations if she was going to step down?”

Still another chimed in: “April Ryan is a total loser.”

One Twitter user summed up the shared sentiment of the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump when she tweeted: “April Ryan, YOU ARE A DISGRACE! You should be banned from the White House! Why don’t you step down?”

Finally, one Trump supporter said yes, Trump will step down. When his second term is over in 2024.

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