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Sarah Sanders gets mocked about prom. Waiting for defenders of women on the left. Still waiting …

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“Daily Show” correspondent Michelle Wolf jabbed at White House press secretary Sarah Sanders after learning she’ll attend the White House Correspondents Dinner in place of President Trump, who’s skipping it for the second consecutive year.

"Comedian" Michelle Wolf joked that Sarah Sanders never went to prom.
“Comedian” Michelle Wolf joked that Sarah Sanders never went to prom.

“I’m just excited Sarah finally gets to go to prom!” Wolf told the Daily Beast, referencing the longstanding joke that the WHCD is a “nerd prom.” In her dig, Wolf basically suggested that Sanders never went to her high school prom because no one asked her, either because she was too unpopular or too unattractive.

Wolf’s jab is the latest in an unending barrage of mean-spirited, sexist attacks on Sarah Sanders (which typically center on her appearance and weight). Despite their claims that they support female empowerment, liberals have viciously bullied Sanders simply because she works for President Trump.

"Comedian" Michelle Wolf.
“Comedian” Michelle Wolf.

Last month, Trump-hating comedian Jim Carrey tweeted a hideous painting of Sanders with the description, “Monstrous!”

In November 2017, a Los Angeles Times cartoonist fat-shamed Sanders by calling her “chunky soccer mom.”

And Trump-bashing liberal Cher — a self-proclaimed feminist and perpetual “Fashion Don’t” — recently slammed Sanders for her demure fashion style. “Would someone please tell Sarah Huckabee Sanders to stop dressing like a Sister Wife,” Cher tweeted.

rah sanders cher billboard 2017 costumes
Cher dissed Sarah Sanders’ style. Meanwhile, this is what she wore to the 2017 Billboard Music Awards.

The same mainstream media that constantly trashes President Trump over past comments on women’s appearances (he was the owner of the Miss Universe beauty pageant, so that was actually part of his old job) repeatedly digs at Sarah Sanders’ looks, fashion style, and weight.

Meanwhile, liberals don’t give Sanders any credit for her trailblazing achievement as the first working mom to be White House press secretary. If Sanders were a Democrat, there’s no doubt she’d be celebrated as a glass ceiling-shattering pioneer on the covers of countless women’s magazines.

sarah sanders children sarah huckabee sanders white house press
Liberals give no credit to Sarah Sanders for being the first working mom to be WH press secretary. Here are her 3 adorable children. (Image: Twitter)

Sanders — the daughter of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee — has been around politics all her life, and has never seen such a hostile American media. “I’ve been around press and worked in politics my entire life, and I’ve never experienced the kind of hostility that I think we see day-to-day,” she said.

Perhaps the Daily Show’s Michelle Wolf should mock these liberal celebrities. They never went to prom either. Are they losers too?

  • Katy Perry
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Madonna
  • Chelsea Handler.

Epic fail! D-lister Michelle Wolf bombs at WHCD with tasteless attacks on Sarah Sanders

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