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Harvard accused of waging a war on Christianity … and it doesn’t look good

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Two months ago Harvard University suspended a Christian student group for having asked one of its leaders to step down after the group learned that she was involved in a homosexual relationship with another female student.

One month later the Undergraduate Council defunded the Harvard College Faith and Action group entirely, thus effectively putting it out of commission.

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, religious commentator Sohrab Ahmari warned that the 382-year-old institution’s actions are “part of a bigger pattern” being seen throughout the country.

“It’s part of a bigger pattern where you begin to question whether we really still live in a free society,” he said. “In many areas of life, particularly in culture, entertainment, journalism and academia especially … people feel there is this pervasive, low-grade pressure that you have to conform your opinions to the latest liberal orthodoxy.”

He was right, and numerous examples prove it.

Just last week George Washington University held a training workshop for students and teachers alike about so-called “Christian privilege,” as reported by The College Fix.

Late last year the members of a student group at Georgetown University that champions traditional marriage were forced by the school to publicly defend their views after LGBT students accused them of promoting hatred.

And three years ago a Christian student at Polk State College was purposefully failed by her professor after she refused to deny her faith in class.


In their mission to stamp out bigotry, liberals have become bigots and bullies themselves.

Take what happened at Harvard. The school targeted the HCFA group because it believed its decision to remove the homosexual leader amounted to bigotry based on sexual orientation.

In a statement to the university’s student paper, however, the group’s co-presidents made it clear that this wasn’t true.

“We reject any notion that we discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation in our fellowship,” they said to The Harvard Crimson. “Broadly speaking, the student in this case was removed because of an irreconcilable theological disagreement pertaining to our character standards.”

She wasn’t removed because of her actions but rather because of her beliefs. As someone who clearly condones homosexuality, the former leader’s beliefs belied those taught by the Bible.

And because the university apparently disagrees with the group’s biblical beliefs, its members must now choose between abiding by the school’s rules and keeping their group intact, or maintaining their Christian faith and letting the group disappear into the dustbins of history.

It’s an unfathomable choice, and one that no American should ever be forced to make.

Vivek Saxena


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