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Female driver easily smuggles illegals into US, until horse trailer overturns in middle of Calif highway

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A band of illegal bandits wound up in police custody Saturday afternoon after the horse trailer that had been carrying them crashed into the ground along Interstate 8 near the southern California border town of Campo.

The crash specifically occurred after the smuggler-driven Ford F-250 truck pulling the horse trailer began to fishtail, the California Highway Patrol told the The San Diego Union-Tribune.

The smuggler lost control of the truck, causing it to drift off the highway and come unfastened from the horse trailer.

When CHP officers arrived at the scene, they discovered that a number of illegals and the driver had fled.  Enough remained that the officers dialed up U.S. Border Patrol.

Two illegal immigrant women and four illegal immigrant men were subsequently transported to local hospitals for treatment. Others were treated at the scene and put into custody.

It’s unclear exactly how many illegals were arrested. CHP claimed 18 were arrested, while Border Patrol put it at 19.

The use of tractors to smuggle illegals has become commonplace.

Just three months earlier Border Patrol agents working near the Texas border town of Laredo discovered a tractor-trailer with an astonishing 76 illegals from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, as reported at the time by the San Antonio Express-News.

Border Patrol agents confirmed to San Diego station KGTV that the illegals had been Mexican nationals intent on sneaking into the United States.

Earlier in the week the president signed a memorandum requesting the use of the National Guard to help fight drug trafficking, illegal immigration and gang activity at the border.


The president has also sought to acquire funding through Congress to build a wall along the southern border.

Due to continual Democrat obstruction, it took over a year for him to acquire enough funding to merely begin construction of the wall:


When exactly the border wall will be fully built and ready for operations remains unknown, though an increase in incidents like the one near Campo make it clear that a wall is needed sooner rather than later.


Vivek Saxena


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