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No one can get over bald eagle landing on Canadian MLB player during U.S. national anthem

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The eagle has landed – literally, and on an unsuspecting baseball player.

A bald eagle set its sights – and talons – on Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton during the pre-game national anthem on Thursday.

The Canadian native somehow maintained his composure as the powerful bird, and symbol of American patriotism, landed on him in the outfield.

Challenger the eagle was part of a pre-game fly-in ceremony at the game between the Seattle Mariners and host Minnesota Twins.

The bird, a member of the American Eagle Foundation, is “the first Bald Eagle in U.S. history trained to free-fly into major sports stadiums, arenas, and ballrooms during the National Anthem,” according to the Foundation website.

Paxton’s reaction and poise during the unscheduled landing earned him much praise and reminded others about a quite different reaction to a bald eagle from President Trump.

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