Newt Gingrich sees correlation between rise of Trump and fall of mainstream media

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Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich highlighted President Donald Trump’s rise in the polls and the collapse of the “elite media,” in  an op-ed for Fox News Thursday.

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“Imagine the frustration building in elite media offices across the country. Lately, the members of the elite media have been relentlessly bashing President Trump,” Gingrich wrote. “In weaving together this false narrative, members of the elite media are collectively building an effort to uplift left-wing values and diminish the achievements of conservative leadership – specifically the Trump administration.”

Gingrich noted the media’s efforts have been in vain because Trump’s approval ratings continue to rise. He cited a recent CNN poll showing Trump’s approval rating up from 35 percent in February to 42 percent in March.

“The result was so shocking that CNN commentator Chris Cillizza, who is normally deeply anti-Trump, had to spend time analyzing the voter blocs in which Trump performed significantly better in March than he did in February,” Gingrich wrote. “Cillizza called the increases among younger and college educated voters ‘intriguing,’ and said they were ‘most likely’ due to the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.”

The former speaker also cited a Rasmussen report showing that American believe the media has a liberal agenda and are heavily biased against the Trump administration. This coupled with the success of Trump’s first year in office has him hovering at a 50 percent approval rating .

“The elite media’s intense and pervasive hostility has begun to vaccinate the American people against its opposition to President Trump,” he wrote. “At the same time, the Trump presidency has a lot of good things going for it. The Republican tax cuts are working. People are getting bonuses and pay raises, and they are seeing companies beginning to reinvest in America.”

The caravan of illegal immigrants coming to the border also helped give Trump a boost and called the “stunt” an opportunity for the administration, Gingrich said.

“Whoever thought up the stunt of gathering more than 1,000 Central Americans in a caravan to travel across a complicit Mexico toward the U.S. border had no idea of the opportunity they were giving President Trump,” Gingrich wrote. “If we ever needed to demonstrate the case for a strong border wall, this supposed Central American invasion of our southern border will convince most Americans.”

“This may all change, but for the moment, President Trump is winning and the elite media is not,” he added.

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