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Kamala Harris throws HERSELF under the bus with ill-conceived dig at Trump’s ‘misuse of taxpayer money’

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Democrats seem to be experts at spitting into the wind.

Senator Kamala Harris attempted to zing President Trump on his border wall plans but ended up spotlighting her own party’s ineptitude.

(Image: screenshot)

The California Democrat called out funding of Trump’s “unrealistic” wall between the U.S./Mexico border as a “gross misuse of taxpayer money” in a tweet on Wednesday.

Harris apparently didn’t see that rake she stepped on when making her remark, but others sure did.

Actor James Woods had no problem reminding Harris of a simple truth as others took to the accounting books.

Image: screenshot)

California State Chairman for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly and Latinos for Trump founder, Marco Gutierrez, blasted Harris in a tweet vowing the wall would be built. “You can take that to the bank with @NancyPelosi,” he said.

Many others were happy to hold up the mirror for the potential 2020 Democratic presidential contender whose own state is currently facing over one trillion dollars in outstanding debt.

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