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Graffiti of President Trump shooting school children shocks Alabama town

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The city of Florence, Ala., considers itself an all-American town, but a local graffiti artist may not have gotten the memo considering an outrageous depicting President Donald Trump.

The extensive artwork, which appeared over the weekend, depicts Trump holding a handgun, having shot and killed a number of children outside a schoolhouse, WHNT-TV reported.

The graffitti included the hashtag #NeverAgain, which originated with the left’s gun control push following the shooting at a Florida high school that claimed 17 lives.

All of which proves that even the Deep South isn’t immune to progressive zealots.

Sarah Shirey, who owns Turbo Coffee across from the latest display, was none too pleased.

“It’s not something that we want to have to see every day,” Shirey told the local CBS affiliate.

“My husband and I were looking at it, trying to figure it out,” she said. “And then we realized all of the red coming out of the bodies was blood; and then I was assuming it was a school shooting.”

The wall is located on private property and the city contacted the property owner about cleaning it up — WHNT-TV reported that as of Tuesday morning, the offensive display was painted over.

Shirey said whoever is responsible is going too far with free speech.

“They are obviously trying to send a message about what they believe,” she business owner said. “And I guess people have that freedom here, but that is a private piece of property and so they can’t really do it there. Which we really don’t appreciate it there.”



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