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Alyssa Milano concentrates so hard on gun control virtue signal, she totally forgets not to be a big racist

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Actress Alyssa Milano set herself up as a target for mockery and backlash after a failed attempt to push the gun control narrative.

The 45-year-old liberal got slammed for suggesting the National Rifle Association and its digital TV channel, NRATV would be considered a terrorist organization if they were run by minorities.

Milano was reacting to a tweet by NRATV slamming YouTube for political posturing with its ban on videos containing material related to the sale or assembly of firearms or firearms accessories.

(Photo by Adela Loconte/WireImage)

The tweet sparked a collective face-palm on Twitter as users wasted no time calling out Milano’s racist hype for gun control.

Don Jr asks why liberal YouTube shooter’s hateful social media was pulled so fast. We know.

Some noted how Milano, like her Hollywood cohorts, uses the anti-gun rhetoric when it suits her purpose.

Many struggled to understand the level of stupidity needed to generate the remarks.

Milano was scorched for the race baiting as Twitter users came to the defense of the NRA, slamming the actress for not getting her facts straight.

Milano certainly provided fodder for entertainment if nothing else.

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