Roseanne teases tonight’s show with a tweet that’s triggering liberals … bigly

Roseanne Barr is basking in the glory of success and it’s driving liberals mad.

The reboot of the “Roseanne Show” took a seemingly big risk by featuring a pro-Trump main character in a deeply polarized political climate, but the veteran comedian is reaping the rewards, despite growing liberal backlash.

New ratings numbers show that the original and impressive 18 million viewers reported to have watched the reboot premier last Tuesday was way off base. Roseanne defied Hollywood and the liberal media by raking in a whopping 25 million viewers, and there are no signs she’s slowing down.

To tease this week’s show that will air, Tuesday 7pm CST on ABC, Roseanne launched a few tweets, that naturally triggered some on the left:

Now, there’s a new idea! *Sigh.*

Late last week, Roseanne teased the upcoming episode with a more hard-hitting tweet, and the responses that came back were even more unhinged:

As much backlash and vitriol that Roseanne’s tweet received, she also saw even more support. Even from liberals who said they are tired of all of the political fighting and welcome the show’s message:

And others, seemed to be on to something:

As predicted by many, the left will be out in force to try to silence Roseanne. The New York Times launched a scathing opinion piece basically calling for people to avoid the show.

Conservatives saw it coming from a mile away:

So, the fight continues, but Trump supporters are vowing nothing will stop them from tuning in.


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