CNN commentator tries to justify why it’d be OK to call black conservatives racial slurs

A CNN commentator tried to ague that black conservatives who are called derogatory and racist terms are probably just asking for it.

Of course, if they’re black and conservative, the attacks are almost certainly coming from the “tolerant” left, so they need to be justified.

A Monday panel on Don Lemon’s CNN Tonight began discussing the racial diversity of White House interns, but quickly pivoted into talk about black Republicans, in general.

“It takes someone with very thick skin to go out there and be black and say ‘I’m a Republican, I’m a conservative,’ because what’s going to happen is they’re going to come on your network and they’re going to be called an Uncle Tom, a c**n, and everything like that and so first things first…” Christopher Hayes, the Executive Director of Unhyphenated America, said before being cut off.

“What are you talking about?” CNN commentator Tara Setmayer blurted.

“Are you going to sit there and act like that’s not true?” Hayes said.

Then, Setmayer suggested that the “messengers” are perhaps deserving of such hateful rhetoric due to the “message.”

“Well if you act like it and someone calls you out on it, then we can’t do anything about that,” Setmayer replied. “Maybe the messengers need to be better.”

According to Setmayer’s “reasoning” promoting a conservative message or Heaven-forbid defending Donald Trump, justifies an ugly personal attack of racial slur.

Hayes couldn’t belive his own ears.

“So it’s okay to actually call someone a particular name as long as you feel like they’re acting like that?” he asked. “Is that what you’re saying?”

“I didn’t say that,” Setmayer rebuffed. But just as quickly doubled down by repeating herself. “I’m just saying you can’t blame people for being called certain names if they behave certain ways.”


Unfortunately, the attacks against black conservatives will likely only get worse as black unemployment continues to shrink under President Trump. The trend is showing a growing number of black Americans abandoning the Party that so tragically let them down for decades.

Welcome home.

H/T: Dailywire.


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