California mayor sues his own state and reality checks its leaders: Your power has limits

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

Huntington Beach, Calif., Mayor Mike Posey said his city is suing California over its recent sanctuary state law, believing it to be unconstitutional.


“I think last night we made history in that Huntington Beach is the first city in California to sue the state of California for the constitutional overreach of SB 54,” Posey said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

“We will be filing an amicus brief to join Jeff Sessions’ efforts as well. And then last night … was a pretty raucous meeting. We had about 112 public speakers. Typically we have 15 to 20,” he continued.

Posey, a Republican, said the town wanted to send a message and remind the state that their power has limits.

“My message to Sacramento is pretty clear,” Posey said. “Sacramento is engaging in the usurpation of local control and telling cities like Huntington Beach throughout California that you are to disobey federal law. Disobey the Constitution and follow the dictates of Sacramento.”

Posey said his city’s police try to work with the immigrant community and are focused more on curbing the state’s power than on deporting people.

“What our police department has been doing is working with the immigrant community. Establishing relationships, and engaging in community policing. We’ve only had to engage ICE Twice in the last year,” Posey concluded. “Our message really isn’t about attacking the immigrant community because we don’t. What we want to do is challenge the constitutional overreach and the usurpation of local control. That’s our issue, that’s our message.”

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