Things get hot when a white panelist is told not to quote Martin Luther King: I will ‘every single day. And you won’t stop me’

“You’re kind of politically-correct bullying of people on racism is not going to work,” she continued,

Veteran who lost a leg in combat gives most incredibly profound, life-changing lesson to David Hogg

Parkland student activist David Hogg got a life lesson from an Army veteran in a “rant” on Facebook advising the high schooler to “watch what you say.” […]

It’s James Comey’s word against Andrew McCabe’s

“They recall it differently,” the source told CNN.

Joy Reid has atheist Trump-hater talk about how Laura Ingraham ‘betrayed’ Jesus on Easter Sunday

“That’s where we are this Easter morning,”

Trump screams ‘No more DACA deal’ Sunday, after he sees ‘dangerous’ caravans marching toward US

These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!