Kellyanne Conway responds to claims that she’s White House leaker; teases something ‘very, very fascinating’ coming

“We learned a long time ago around here …”

Target clings to mixed bathrooms even as man exposes himself to young girl in ladies room

“It’s pure evil no matter how you look at it.”

UK braces for something called ‘punish a Muslim Day’

Muslim women were warned not to wear hijabs nor pick up their children alone from school.

Sweet Jesus sticks it to Christians and they’re not turning the other cheek

“The whole purpose of this is to stick it to Christians — and this being Holy Week in particular, it is all the more egregious,” Donohue said.

Trump laughs as liberals blow a gasket over broadcast company’s ‘responsible journalists’ message

The left-leaning anti-Trump media is in an uproar over Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of television stations in the U.S., having its anchors read a journalistic responsibility […]

Restaurant servers tell celebs to mind their own darn business over higher min wage: We’re not victims

“But we don’t need your help and we’re not asking to be saved.”

President Trump and first family participate in White House Easter Egg Roll: Watch Live

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump hosted the traditional White House Easter Egg Roll Monday, the day after Easter.

James Woods calls for Guard to stop ‘alien horde’ set to invade southern border. His special message for Paul Ryan …

The clock is ticking on Paul Ryan.

Easter came and went, but Americans won’t forget what Chuck Todd said about Good Friday

Are you really this ignorant?

44 Dems, including Wasserman Schultz, exempted data-breaching Pakistani IT aides from background checks

How is this even possible?

‘Back away from my vehicle’: Protesters block sheriff’s car until one gets sent flying to the curb

The officer can be heard directing the pedestrians at least four times to “back away from my vehicle.”

frank stallone sylvester stallone getty images
Frank Stallone ‘deeply ashamed’ for suggesting someone sucker-punch ‘pu**y’ Hogg

Predictably, liberals continued to pile on even after Frank said he was sorry, which makes you wonder why he even bothered.