Kathy Griffin FINALLY gets a new gig, and yes, it’ll be anti-Trump related

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was B.S., the whole thing…”

House Dem reportedly shielded chief of staff accused of hitting woman, threatening to kill her

“She wrote a glowing recommendation and helped him get another job after he was known to be abusive,”

Death toll, injuries rise as 17,000 Palestinians storm Gaza border, clash with Israeli military

The IDF maintains that Hamas, the terror organization in control of Gaza, is wholly responsible …

Young Republican schools Hogg on how to take your lumps: ‘No safe spaces in politics, David. Grow up.’

“I’m literally three things that make liberals lose sleep at night. They hate me.”

Russia releases video claiming to be another test of deadly new nuclear capacity

“No one listened to us, but you will listen to us now.”

‘Delusional!’ Holder says he’d think about running for POTUS to help unify the country

Just stop, already.

‘Heard you were the devil incarnate, good to meet you’: Hot mic moment between Mattis & Bolton has libs freaking


Conservative Parkland student drops crushing Twitter truth-bomb on classmates’ gun control crusade

A voice of reason.

‘Most exciting thing ever!’ Roseanne dishes on private congratulatory call from Trump

Yuge ratings, yuge!

Ben Shapiro fed-up with David Hogg’s increasing demands, challenges him to one of his own

“I look forward to Hogg’s apologies…”

hillary clinton
Hillary baffled people want her to ‘shut up,’ complains ‘they never said that to any man’

They keep saying, ‘go away, go away.’

FBI report claims Andrew McCabe ‘lied four times’ about media leaks, twice under oath

“When I realized that some of my answers were not fully accurate…”

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