Newt nails Hollywood for anti-America agenda, says they ought to ‘chat with Roseanne’

“The culture of Hollywood is always surprised.”

‘Stunned’ Camerota coddles Hogg after Ingraham fiasco: What kind of college wouldn’t want you?

“How do you explain this?”

Illegal immigrants at the core of Oregon county’s biggest-ever meth bust

“On March 19, ICE lodged detainers on Israel Salvador Mercado-Mendoza and Rigoberto Morfin-Pedroza, both citizens of Mexico illegally in the U.S.”

Watch Larry King completely embarrass himself with his reason to ‘repeal’ the Second Amendment

“Um, no…”

What happened? Hillary’s speaking fees drop like a rock, Rutgers paid more to hear ‘Snooki’

“Study hard, but party harder.”

Reagan was shot 37 years ago today. Every young American should hear what he had to say about guns

“I happen to know this from personal experience.”

Actor’s unhinged rant against Ingraham earns him a challenge to put his money where his ‘big mouth’ is

“You filthy pig.”

Hilarious mistake by CNN prompts Stephen Colbert to make a ‘sincere apology’ to Trump

“I agree with Donald Trump about something.”

Trump reportedly warns Putin on starting an arms race: We can have one, but I’ll win

Blows a hole straight through the collusion delusion.

Judge rules Pulse terrorist’s widow NOT guilty, defense attorney’s argument enrages critics

‘Absurd, ashamed, awestruck.’

Turns out David Hogg and Soros-backed Media Matters teamed up for Ingraham boycott

Other left-wing groups are waging similar battles against right-of-center voices in the media.

Starbucks gets burned by California court, now must post cancer warning labels

“Coffee has been shown, over and over again, to be a healthy beverage.”