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Hilarious mistake by CNN prompts Stephen Colbert to make a ‘sincere apology’ to Trump

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It’s too early for April Fool’s day gags and Stephen Colbert insists he is being sincere.

The “Late Show” host officially apologized to President Trump after he became a victim of what the president has been complaining about for months.

“I mean this sincerely,” Colbert told his audience Thursday. “I agree with Donald Trump about something: CNN lies.”

He then showed viewers exactly what the network had done to provoke his ire.

“Hear me out,” he said, explaining how the previous night’s show featured comedian Dana Carvey who performed a  “very subtle, nuanced portrayal” of national security adviser John Bolton.

“Well this morning, CNN had an article about it which was nice,” Colbert continued, before pointing out the incorrect headline.

(Image: screenshot)

“Look who’s playing John Bolton on ‘SNL,'” the headline read, mistakenly referring to “Saturday Night Live” instead of the “Late Show.”

“Fake news,” Colbert announced.

“I take everything back!” he exclaimed. “I apologize. Donald Trump is a great president! Come on CNN, this isn’t SNL unless SNL stands for Stephen’s Nightly Laughs.”

CNN should have known his show was not “Saturday Night Live” because the segment had aired on a Wednesday, the late night host mocked. It also was taped during the day and is not live.

“You got three things wrong in three letters,” he said. “Still, its nice to be recognized so thank you, MSNBC.”

(Image: screengrab)

CNN issued a correction on their website Friday.

“CORRECTION: A headline on our mobile homepage mistakenly identified this skit as taking place on “SNL.” The skit took place on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” CNN said.

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