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Roseanne takes a swipe at Ben Shapiro after he criticizes show’s portrayal of Trump supporters

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Ben Shapiro’s critical view of the ABC sitcom “Roseanne” and its portrayal of Trump voters earned him a jab from the show’s star.

The show’s reboot returned to huge television ratings this week after a two decade absence, re-introducing the main character played by Roseanne Barr whom audiences learned is a “deplorable” who voted for President Trump. Barr got a personal call from the president after at least 18.2 million viewers tuned in on the night of the show’s return.

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The Daily Wire’s Shapiro argued that, in fact, there was a clear reason for the success of the episode.

He went on to argue that the reboot does not accurately portray the Trump voter, but is “a Hollywood fantasy of what Trump voters are.”


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Shapiro’s take on the show resulted in a wave on commentary on Twitter.


And even caught the attention of Barr who called Shapiro “all hat and no cattle.”


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Tweets continued to debate Shapiro’s points and criticize his remarks.

Reactions to Shapiro’s conclusions reverberated on Twitter as many agreed that the episode was just right.


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