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John Bolton’s about to ‘clean house,’ plans to fire dozens of Obama holdovers in WH spring cleaning

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Newly-appointed National Security Advisor John Bolton plans to clean house of Obama holdovers once he starts his job on April 9.

“Bolton can and will clean house,” one former White House official told Foreign Policy. Another insider agreed: “Everyone who was there during the Obama years should start packing their sh*t.”

National Security Advisor John Bolton (Mike Theiler/AFP/Getty Images)
National Security Advisor John Bolton (Mike Theiler/AFP/Getty Images)

A third source confirmed that Bolton will be merciless in rooting out cancerous Obama holdovers who are trying to undermine the Trump White House from the inside-out. “He is going to remove almost all the political [appointees] McMaster brought in,” the insider warned.

While Bolton’s staff has not responded to this speculation, it wouldn’t be surprising because the former U.N. ambassador is a political veteran who knows that a house divided upon itself cannot stand.

Bolton replaces H.R. McMaster, who was ousted amid rumors that he had leaked internal briefing material urging President Trump not to congratulate Russian president Vladimir Putin for winning another term.

John Bolton: Trump should've fired Obama holdover James Comey on Day 1. (WH file photo)
John Bolton: Trump should’ve fired Obama holdover James Comey on Day 1. (WH file photo)

Trump’s White House has been plagued with leaks since he started office. While Chief of Staff John Kelly has worked diligently to root out leakers, the problem persists.

But NSA John Bolton has zero tolerance for leaks and subversion from within his ranks. If there is a staff purge, it will take a few months, but ultimately will be worth it to get rid of traitors, one insider said.

Bolton, a U.S. Army veteran and longtime attorney, recently said President Trump should have fired Obama holdover James Comey as FBI director on Day 1. Bolton made the remarks shortly after President Trump slammed the FBI for being unable to root out leakers from within its upper ranks.



“The way the Clinton [email investigation] was handled from the get-go, [Comey’s] public appearances several times during the campaign on the subject, and the conduct on the overall investigation were unacceptable,” Bolton said.

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