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Hillary insider claims she had a ‘one-way open marriage.’ And she calls conservative women weak?

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So much for empowering women.

Mark Penn, a pollster and strategist for both Bill and Hillary Clinton, claimed in a new book that the former Secretary of State turned a blind eye to her husband’s infidelity, describing their relationship as a “one-way open marriage,” Fox News reports.

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik).

Penn was a top strategist for Bill Clinton and chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. In his book “Microtrends Squared,” released this week, he provides insight into the former First Couple’s marriage.

After alleging the Clintons had “at least a one-way open marriage,” he added:

“Perhaps [the open marriage] was not by choice, but the stories accumulated over the years until the fact of it became apparent.”

The long-time Clinton ally claimed their relationship was “deep and enduring” despite Bill Clinton’s affairs.

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“There was also no question that at the same time their relationship was deep and enduring. If this was the model of the first couple, what did it mean for the rest of the country?” Penn mused.

The claim was part of a section in the book that dealt with open marriages, which the author deemed “more of a fad than a trend.”

Bill Clinton admitted in 1998 to affairs with actress Gennifer Flowers and intern Monica Lewinsky.

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik).

He reached a settlement with Arkansas state employee Paula Jones for sexual harassment and has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by three other women: Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey and Leslie Millwee.

Penn’s book was released as the media has covered President Trump’s alleged affairs with numerous women, most prominently the pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, who is currently suing the president to be free from a purported non-disclosure agreement.

Mark Penn. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images).

The mainstream media’s focus on the Stormy Daniels scandals prompted Fox News host Sean Hannity to dub CNN President Jeff Zucker the “Porn King.”

While in India earlier this month, Hillary Clinton argued that women who voted for Donald Trump only did so because they were pressured into it by their husbands, sons, bosses, or other men.

She later apologized for any “disrespect,” but doubled down on the claim by saying it is supported by “anecdotal evidence and some research.”

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“It’s not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gender balance – even within the same household,” Clinton said. “I did not realize how hard it would hit many who heard it.”


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