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Jesse Watters takes Sessions to task for not going hard enough after leakers

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Amid the outrage from critics over  President Trump‘s call with Vladimir Putin, Fox News’ Jesse Watters said there was something even more disturbing.

Trump congratulated Putin on Tuesday for his recent election victory despite reportedly being advised by his national security team, “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” in his briefing materials. Many attacked the president for ignoring his aides’ directions and for congratulating Putin anyway.

“An American president does not lead the Free World by congratulating dictators on winning sham elections,” Arizona Sen. John McCain said in a statement, joining a bipartisan collection of critics.

Watters dismissed the outrage from critics noting that not only had other national leaders congratulated Putin, so did former President Obama when he was in office.

“Obama congratulated Putin in 2012,” Watters said during Fox News’ “The Five” on Wednesday. “Obama also congratulated the Iranian president in 2013, the Turkish president, shook hands with Castro, bowed to the Saudi King. I mean, enough is enough.”

Watters defended Trump against criticism that he is “soft” on Russia, noting recent sanctions against the country, but said the real issue at hand is the fact that someone leaked the news about the call.

“This is the highest level of security clearance these people were on that call. That’s a very small group of people,” Watters said.

“To do that and to have backstabbers at such a high level of the White House in the national security apparatus is so dangerous and so scary, it makes me understand why the President’s constantly thinking about shifting personnel because he doesn’t have the team together that he can trust,” he added. “The team surrounding him is obviously trying to undermine him to achieve their own personal  motives.”

He then turned his focus on Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has “not done a very good job” of prosecuting anyone who is found leaking, though he has had plenty of opportunity.

“I mean, Sessions really needs to step up and start charging people under the Espionage Act,” he said, noting that eight people were charged during the Obama Administration while there has only been one in the Trump administration.

Kimberly Guilfoyle agreed, pointing out that with such a small group of people in on the call to Putin, they should “be able to ferret out” the guilty party.

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