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Fox sports analyst, once scolded by Brooke Baldwin, calls her out for hypocritical Stormy interview

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Fox Sports Radio analyst Clay Travis was not about to let CNN’s Brooke Baldwin off the hook following a segment discussing “explicit sex acts.”

Baldwin spoke to a porn star and friend of Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress who has alleged she had sexual relations with Donald Trump. Baldwin unflinchingly asked Alana Evans on the air Tuesday if the president and Daniels had asked her to “come play” and have a “sexual encounter.”

(Image: Twitter/Brooke Baldwin)

Discussing the topic further with reporter MJ Lee during her show, Baldwin even tackled “unprotected vaginal intercourse” and “unprotected sex.”

This was apparently enough for Travis who still clearly remembers Baldwin’s reaction to his own comments when he appeared on CNN last September.

“I’m a first amendment absolutist and believe in two things completely — the First Amendment and boobs,” Travis had said, stunning Baldwin.

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“Why would you even say that live on television with a female host?” she asked at the time.

Travis called out Baldwin’s double standard in a tweet on Tuesday.

“I hope the porn star you had on today discussing explicit sex acts didn’t trigger you and mention the word boobs,” Travis tweeted. “You fake news hypocrite.”

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