Watch what happens when ‘The View’ divas realize Trump’s ‘big data mining scandal’ is Obama’s genius

Double standards are not a surprising factor for the women of “The View.”

But the liberal co-hosts were called out on a glaring example on Tuesday as they discussed the mining of personal data from Facebook users.

Indignant over reports that personal data from 50 million Facebook users was improperly used by Cambridge Analytica, the data analytics company which worked on President Trump’s 2016 election campaign, the co-hosts shared their outrage – mostly because the Trump name was somehow involved.

But co-host Meghan McCain pointed out the hypocrisy, recalling how data was gathered without consent or knowledge of the users during former President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

“I don’t completely understand the scandal now since this has been happening since 2012. The Obama campaign did this brilliantly. They used micro-targeting and data mining,” McCain said.

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“So, the double standard I don’t understand right now is…it happened under Obama and it was lauded by the media as being genius,” she said. “And now the Trump campaign did it and its a Cambridge Analytica scandal.”

As her co-hosts seemed visibly uncomfortable with the information, Joy Behar asked if what Obama did was the same thing.

“Yes, it was micro-targeting and data mining,” McCain replied.

“It’s different though,” Sunny Hostin interjected, to which McCain laughed, exclaiming, “It’s not different though!”

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Hostin attempted to argue that Cambridge Analytica was feeding a “misinformation campaign,” as the two women battled to speak. Whoopi Goldberg interrupted in an attempt to regain some order, allowing Hostin to finish her comments, which included a jab at Fox News for “pushing this narrative of a Deep State.”

But McCain was ready to push back on the double standard.

“This has been going on for a long time and I think the problem right now for people like me is, again, I am against this wholeheartedly,” McCain said, noting that she did consider Cambridge Analytica to be a somewhat “shady” company.

“But I think it is interesting to me that there wasn’t a problem with it when the Obamas did it,” she pointed out again. “And now there’s a problem when Trump did it.”

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