CNN swoops in with bizarre student interview WHILE Maryland high school was on shooting lockdown

CNN’s new brand of journalism isn’t winning over viewers.

The network received backlash on Tuesday after airing a live phone interview with a student at Great Mills High School in Maryland while the school was on lockdown after reports of shots fired on campus.

CNN spoke with Jonathan Freese, whom the anchors twice confused with Matthew Taggert–Freese’s teacher.

The teenager reported having been in his math class for 30 minutes when the call began.

Freese said he heard that “seven or so” people had been shot in the school’s art hallway. According to the student, one person was dead, and the incident began when “someone put a gun against their head” and someone else tried to intervene in a suicide attempt.

First responders outside Great Mills High School in Great Mills, Md. (Photo: Screen Capture).

The Baltimore Sun reported three people injured, two of them students. No fatalities were reported, and authorities did not reveal the condition of the wounded or information about how the shooting began.

“Did you hear gunshots, Jonathan?” the anchors asked.

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(Photo: Screen Capture).

“I’m surprised I didn’t,” Freese replied, who admitted to being “shaken” by the incident.

He also said police responded “really quickly.”

“I do feel safe, though, because they always have police in our school and they’re ready for something like this.”

(Photo: Screen Capture).

Freese added: “It’s something they couldn’t really prevent because they only have a couple officers, but they’re really well-trained officers. There could have been more casualties.”

Washington Post reporter David Nakamura questioned CNN’s interviewing.

Other Twitter users jumped in to criticize CNN for potentially putting the student in jeopardy by distracting him during a high-intensity situation, and because his conversation might alert a shooter to his location.

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