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ESPN reporter forgets to board up glass house before ambushing ex-governor about sexual assault

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The left of center sports network ESPN is among the “worst offenders in the nation” when it comes to sexual misconduct.

That’s according to John Engler, the former Republican governor of Michigan, who was hit with a question about sexual assault by an ESPN reporter as Michigan State coach Tom Izzo was about to speak on his team’s win Friday in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Screengrab John Engler

“Do you not think Michigan State is one of the worst offenders of sexual assault right now?” asked ESPN reporter Dan Murphy, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Michigan State was home to sports physician Larry Nassar, the convicted serial child molester who treated Olympic women gymnasts.

Engler, appointed president of the school after the Nassar fallout, turned the tables on Murphy.

“Oh, I think ESPN is far worse than many companies in America today,” he fired back.

“That’s not the question I asked you,” Murphy replied. “Do you think Michigan State is a worse offender of that?”

“Look at the sexual assaults you guys are dealing with as a company,” Engler told the reporter. “It’s pretty serious. In many ways, their company is one of the worst offenders in the nation. So we have a sexual assault challenge in America today. But for Michigan State, we’re dealing with it on our campus.”

ESPN has been hit with a number of sexual misconduct complaints. A former female employee said the network has a culture of sexual harassment in a lawsuit and CNN reported in December that “sexual harassment allegations swirl around ESPN.”

Not that the university president shied away from owning up to Nassar.

“Michigan State alone had Nassar,” he acknowledged. “He was not a doctor at any other campus. And so that is something that has caused us great pain and is a great challenge for us and the 225-250 women who filed litigation. That’s a very serious issue.”

“But when you talk about sexual assault on campus, Title IX cases,” Engler continued, “then that’s something we’re dealing with.

The question is, will the liberal talking heads at ESPN do a little more self-examining before spout off next time about the sins of others?

Tom Tillison


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