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Judicial Watch president on what’s coming next: Firing ‘documented liar’ McCabe is just the beginning

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Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton called the firing of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe a “remarkable development” but warned that it is just the beginning of what’s to come.

Fitton discussed the Friday night firing of McCabe by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on “Fox & Friends Weekend” Saturday, noting the magnitude of having the FBI official accused of giving false statements by both the Justice Department’s inspector general and the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

This would not only constitute a fire-able offense, Fitton explained, but could also potentially be a federal crime.

Which raises the other question, Fitton said, of “will he be prosecuted for lying to investigators the way that General Flynn, who McCabe targeted, was prosecuted for lying to FBI agents?”

McCabe, who worked alongside former FBI Director James Comey and was regarded as somewhat of a protege of the former FBI chief, stepped aside as the agency’s deputy director in January. He was fired just hours before his scheduled retirement was to take effect, putting his lifetime pension at risk. Sessions made his decision under mounting pressure to fire McCabe and after reviewing a recommendation by the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility to terminate him.

“This is a big blow to the Deep State efforts to target President Trump,” Fitton continued, noting how McCabe has now been “branded” by the internal watchdogs of the agencies he has served for over two decades.

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This “infects” all of the other investigations McCabe has been a part of, including the Russia investigation, the Clinton email investigation.

“Now the number two guy at the FBI is a documented liar according to their internal watchdogs,” Fitton said. “That’s why he’s been fired. And I can imagine he’s upset by being called that by his colleagues in the agencies there.”

McCabe fired off a blistering statement after news broke of his termination, targeting Trump with his anger over the  “unrelenting assault” on his reputation.

Fitton noted that exposing McCabe and his eventual ouster show “just how compromised this FBI was by Comey’s leadership.”

As for the never-ending cry of alleged collusion between Russia and Trump officials, with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing probe not offering any evidence of the sort, Fitton did not have much hope.

“I don’t know how many blows the Russia collusion story’s gonna take before it dies the death it deserves,” he said, calling the probe a “zombie investigation.”

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