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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis blows away US Olympic champ with clever, personal letter

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Winning an Olympic gold medal is up there in terms of life achievements but for the U.S. women’s hockey team goalie, a personal note from U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was pretty “cool” too.

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Goaltender Maddie Rooney clinched the gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang with a shootout victory against Canada. Rooney stopped 29 of 31 shots by Canada and four out of six in a shootout during the Olympic gold-medal game.

Following the epic win, Rooney’s position on her Wikipedia page was changed to “United States Secretary of Defense.”

This apparently prompted the note from the “revered” Mad Dog Mattis, which the 20-year-old from Minnesota  proudly showed off.

“Dear Madam Secretary Maddie,” the note read. “I want to add my congratulations to you and your teammates for your magnificent performance in the gold medal game. You proved yourself in a hard-fought competition and I salute you — one secretary of defense to another! We are all very proud of you. Sincerely, Jim Mattis.”

Her Wikipedia page may have been changed back, but no one can take Rooney’s note away. Twitter users agreed it was very cool.

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