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Sen. Kamala Harris to FBI: Will arming teachers result in black kids being shot because of ‘implicit bias’?

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Sen. Kamala Harris slammed the idea of arming teachers as one that doesn’t make sense and because, naturally,  it is racist.

The California Democrat managed to find a way to inject a theme of racial bias in a Senate hearing on the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., and the failures by the FBI and law enforcement to prevent the tragedy by following through on the many warning signs.

“I also have a concern when we talk about this, the impact of having armed teachers as it relates to African-Americans, Hispanic students. And here’s why I say that,” Harris said at the Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday.

“There’s an overwhelming body of evidence that shows that harsh disciplinary protocols disproportionately impact children of color. We know that in the studies that talk about what the rates are in terms of suspensions and expulsions from school. The FBI has done an extraordinary job, I think, of recognizing implicit bias among all professions including law enforcement and I would suggest it applies to all professions,” she continued.

“Do you have any concerns about a policy that would result in arming teachers and the concern that we should make sure that if something like that were to occur that there would be training around implicit bias?” Harris asked.

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FBI acting deputy director David Bowdich admitted he had never made the connection Harris was putting forth.

“Senator, it’s a good question. I never really put the two together,” he responded. “But I have not seen the document that you are referencing. I think any — whatever we decide, training is necessary on all fronts. The implicit bias training that we in the FBI administered I believe it was two years ago is actually very important for the — for the organization as a whole, both internally, but also from the optics of the external as well.”

The California lawmaker concluded with more grandstanding.

“We all carry implicit bias and it’s important that we — we are aware of it when we make decisions, especially exercise judgment that might result in harm or even death to another person,” she said.

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