Trump to face California head-on Tuesday and it’s causing ‘full blown lunacy’ on the left

One of the more apparent things President Donald Trump has accomplished, other than exposing the #FakeNews media for what it truly is, has been to reveal the sheer lunacy of the left.

Lunacy on full display as the president plans to visit Southern California on Tuesday.

President Trump will travel to California for the first time since being elected. He will inspect prototypes of the promised wall on the U.S.-Mexico border and attend a high-dollar fundraiser in Beverly Hills, according to reports.


The Los Angeles Times was quick to note the president’s “well-documented clashes” with California, informing readers his visit to the Golden State comes “later into his term than any president since Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

Of course, Trump is doing his part to stoke the adversity, visiting just days after the Justice Department sued the sanctuary state for deliberately interfering with federal immigration policies by protecting illegal immigrants — Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown likened it to “an act of war.”

Trump accused California’s leaders of being “in open defiance of federal law” in his weekly address.

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“The State of California is sheltering dangerous criminals in a brazen and lawless attack on our Constitutional system of government,”the president said.

Talk about setting the stage.

And right on cue, the liberal zealots are coming out of the woodwork, as seen with one social media user calling on Californians — with a special shout out to Latinos, legal or not — to “shut down the streets.”

“Alright LA friends. It has come to my attention that Trump is coming to our hood this week. He will be in West LA Tuesday or Wednesday night for a fundraiser. We have to give him the welcome he deserves. Let’s shut down the streets. We must PROTEST! ” the tweet read, including the hashtag .

Turns out, this was the G-rated response from the Twitter account under the name Ross Gerber. An earlier tweet that was deleted threatened those who may attend the fund raiser, declaring that “Trump is the devil.”

There are no “permitted” protests” planned, according to Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief Horace Frank, but authorities expect to see both opponents and supporters out in numbers during a presidential visit, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“We are prepared for anything,” Frank said.

And while the “Gerber” individual seemed pleased with the response to his tweets, the reaction on social media wasn’t all that complimentary — then again, we’ve noted the lunacy aspect already.

Here’s a sampling of those reactions from Twitter:

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