Tim Scott tells ‘communities of color’ to celebrate Trump tax cuts as black unemployment plummets

DCNFNick Givas, DCNF

Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina believes minorities and African-Americans should be celebrating President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and pointed to black unemployment hitting historic lows under the president’s leadership.

“I think this is an exciting piece of legislation that every single American from coast to coast should be celebrating, especially in communities of color,” Scott said Monday on “Fox & Friends.” “Seventeen-year low, 6.9 percent, a 17-year low for the African-American unemployment rate. Think about this Ainsley, in 2010 the unemployment rate for African-Americans was around 16.8 percent. The last year of the Obama administration, March of 2015, 10 percent. And now, we’re down to 6.9 percent.”

“And Guess what? It’s going to get better,” Scott continued. “These tax cuts are simply going into place now. Corporations seeing their taxes going from 35 to 21. Small businesses having a 20 percent cut. And my legislation, investing and opportunity act that can help distressed communities.”

Scott said his legislation can help bring private money into poor communities and provide needy children with fiscal relief.

“The reality of it is that we could see major private sector dollars being invested in distressed communities, no new bureaucrat, no new government programs, simply an incentive package to provide access to opportunities for kids who grew up in single parent households like myself in these distressed communities,” Scott concluded. “We could see a phenomenal transformation of the unemployment rate of African-Americans, Hispanics and rural areas as well. This is a big deal for this nation.”

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