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Elizabeth Warren doubles down on Native American ancestry claim, then weasels out of DNA test

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Elizabeth Warren doesn’t know when to call it quits.

The Massachusetts Democratic senator reaffirmed her claim of Native American ancestry and refused to take a DNA test during two interviews on Sunday, proclaiming that her alleged heritage is “part of me and nobody’s going to take that part of me away.”

On Sunday morning, Warren’s background was questioned by Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Todd referred to an editorial by the Berkshire Eagle–which has endorsed her–that called on the senator to settle the issue of her ancestry once and for all by taking a DNA test.

“I know who I am. And never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere,” Warren told Todd.

She went on to relate her parents’ story.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite).

“My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma. My daddy first saw my mother when they were both teenagers. He fell in love with this tall, quiet girl who played the piano. Head over heels. But his family was bitterly opposed to their relationship because she was part Native American. They eventually eloped.”

Later on Sunday, Warren repeated her defense almost verbatim when Berkshire Eagle editorial and the subject of her ancestry were again brought up during on interview on Fox News Sunday.

“It’s a part of who I am and no one’s ever gonna take that away,” she said.

The Berkshire Eagle wrote last week:

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images).

“There are now so many commercial DNA heritage-tracking labs in business that they advertise on television. The going rate for one of the most popular tests is $99. All the senator needs to do is spit into a tube, wait a few weeks and get her answer. No matter if the test came up negative or positive, it would constitute a plus for Warren and her political hopes.”

President Trump has repeatedly mocked Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry, frequently referring to her as “Pocahontas.”


Warren listed herself as Native American in order to receive preferential hiring treatment when she applied to become a professor at Harvard Law School.

Cherokee records do not list Warren as a member of the tribe, and a genealogical examination reveals that the senator is descended from Jonathan Crawford, a member of the Tennessee militia who rounded up Cherokees during the infamous Andrew Jackson-ordered Trail of Tears.

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin).

Warren’s DNA test refusal prompted ridicule on Twitter, including by Donald Trump, Jr.


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