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You can’t make this stuff up: Caitlyn Jenner now complains ‘women brought up to be kind of second-class citizens’

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Over at CNN, apparently no one saw the irony in having someone who was born a man explain what it means to be a woman.

In honor of “International Women’s Day,” the network saw fit to ask reality TV personality Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, to weigh in on womanhood.

Because naturally a man who has recently declared he is a woman would know best how to explain the female journey to those who have always been women.

“My path to womanhood was very different and through that process I feel like I learned a lot about women,” Jenner said.

“Women are brought up to kind of be a second-class citizen. Emotionally weaker. Physically weaker,” Jenner continued. “I’ve always been inspired by strong women. And in particular, both by daughters: Kendall and Kylie.”

CNN put forth the same question to “celebrities, athletes, politicians, businesswomen and activists,” for the International Women’s Day feature.

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“What single thing would you change to improve gender equality where you are?”

Besides Jenner, responses came in from the likes of fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, singer Sheryl Crow, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson as well as Olympic athletes and politicians.

Jenner’s mansplaining went over about as well as expected on Twitter.

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