Tucker is flabbergasted when raging feminist guest hits him with claim: ‘Women cannot be sexist’

Tucker Carlson tried his utmost to follow the twisted logic of modern feminism on Friday’s show, but was still left wanting.

Self-described feminist Cathy Areu gave Tucker insight into how entire classes of millions of people can be victims, because white men are obviously in a nefarious plot against the world.

“Okay, so, we’re going to create a new class of thought crime,” Tucker said. “But you said guys. Would it ever conceivably apply to women? I was watching ‘The Bachelor’ the other night. Hour long exploitation of women. Hard to think of a more sexist spectacle of that a lot of producers are women. Would they be up for sexism charges.”

“Absolutely not,” Areu said. “Women are a minority in this country even though we are the majority. We are the minority because white men are in charge. It is hard to be sexist and put the majority down when you are still considered the minority. So, no. Women cannot be sexist. No. We are the victims of sexism. We are not the perpetrators.”

“What if you were like Anna Winter and had a magazine wholly devoted to exploiting women’s bodies and basically encouraging eating disorders,” Tucker replied. “Because you are a woman, you would still not be sexist?”

“That’s an industry that makes a living off of those things and believe it or not, the highest paid people, women in the world are models,” she said. “So, unfortunately, the only way that women can make more money than men are through modeling and through these magazines. She did a favor to women by showing them in these magazines. Those women make more than men, sadly.”

“Interesting,” he said.


“Sexist speech and sexist thought will be criminalized,” Tucker probed.

“Because it’s hateful,” she said, matter-of-factly.

“What would the punishment be – misdemeanors or felonies?” he inquired.

“I think these men would move on to do — commit crimes,” she explained. “So should we nip it in the bud? Should we listen to people when they are saying hateful things and get them right when they are saying these sexist comments?”

“Right,” Tucker responded.

“Make it a felony. Put them away and make them learn their lesson and when they come out they will be better people. Teach them a lesson,” she concluded.

The feminist guest on Tucker’s show thus wants to criminalize hate speech as a felony and lock men up even if they are a threat of being sexist. Nothing seems to be too extreme for the progressive left, nowadays.

Kyle Becker

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Kyle Becker


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