GOP rep goes off on House Intel Dems: The leaks coming from them are ‘out of control!’

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee were blasted by a Republican colleague for failing to keep their mouths shut.

Rep. Lee Zeldin gave Committee Democrats a finger-wagging over leaking everything they hear in closed door testimonies from the Russian collusion investigation.

“Do rules, confidentiality & process matter at all anymore?” Zeldin asked in a tweet blasting Democrats after seeing an NBC report on their meeting with former communications director Hope Hicks.

The New York Republican scolded his colleagues for creating a “chilling effect” on investigations.

“You go testify, thinking that there is going to be a transcript after the fact, you’ll have a chance to review it,” Zeldin told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Thursday.

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“You go spend several hours testifying and then one question is spun by [Rep.] Adam Schiff and his House Intel Committee [Democrats]. They go to the media. They are quoted as anonymous sources,” Zeldin said.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade found it “hard to imagine” that Schiff is not “being behind it or directly responsible.”

“It has a chilling effect on the House Intel Committee, really all of Congress,” he said. “Why should someone come to testify if in the middle of their testimony this kind of or afterwards improperly this stuff is going to come out?”

Of course, some say the leaks are actually a bipartisan problem.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee were accused of leaking the testimony of David Kramer, an associate to Sen. John McCain who had met with former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, according to CNN. Kramer’s attorney sent a letter to the Committee back in December alleging Republicans leaked Kramer’s testimony to the attorney of another witness.

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