President Trump talks gun control: Bump stocks will be ‘gone’

President Trump discussed one gun control measure his administration is supporting in the aftermath of mass shootings in Parkland, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada: Bump stocks.

The president made the statement at the White House on Wednesday and discussed the administration’s achievements.

“As our economic policies restore prosperity, we’re working to bring back safety,” the president said. “We have safety provision. You read so much about cutting of regulations. We are cutting but in many ways making it stronger having to do with safety. I would also say, having to do with the environment.”

“You can have fewer regulations and have the remaining regulations become stronger and effective,” he continued. “I would say doing it well. We’re having some great numbers coming in.”

“In recent weeks, I’ve met with the victims of school shooting including the courageous students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida,” Trump said.

“In the aftermath of that tragedy, we’re taking very strong action. Bump stocks — we’re almost finished with the legal papers. We have a statutory ceiling to go through. Bump stocks is about finished. You have to wait periods of time long complicated process. Bump stocks are going to be gone.

“I want to congratulate the state of Florida and your representatives on some very good legislation that’s been passed,” the president continued. “I guess they’ve been listening to me lot more. Unexpectedly, they passed concealed carry for some very special teachers that have a great ability with weapons and with guns. They passed that. Surprising to people.”

“They love their students,” the president also said. “It’s concealed and I think it brings great safety. They’re on the site. You don’t have to call them. It doesn’t take 15 or 20 minutes to get there. You know exactly what’s going on. They passed that and it’s lot of people were surprised. I wasn’t so surprised. They — I think they did great job. They passed lot very good legislation last night.”

Kyle Becker

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